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Your teacher wears cowgirl boots...

OK – it’s been brought to my attention by several of my students that I wear cowgirl boots – A LOT! I’ll confess, I do own several pair of cowgirl boots. How many? Well…let’s just say I could wear a different pair every day of the week, but not a different pair every day of the month. In my opinion, cowgirl boots happen to be the PERFECT shoes for teaching. Let me tell you why…

Top 10 reasons why I teach in cowgirl boots:

10. Pointed toe boots are perfect for scooting crickets out of corners.

9. They are truly all weather and all season shoes - in Texas we often experience all 4 seasons in one week!

8. They keep your legs warm.

7. They literally go with anything – pants, dresses, or skirts!

6. They are perfect for stomping the occasional snake at recess (yes – it really happens).

5. They allow you to easily mosey up to kiddos who are exhibiting off-task behavior.

4. They enable you to “Click Clack” down the hall with that authoritative sound that teachers love to make.

3. They NEVER go out of style!

2. They make you appear tougher than you actually are.

1. Hello? I’m from TEXAS…enough said!

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