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Seasons and the Changes They Bring

When I first made the leap from 5th grade to 2nd, I honestly wondered what the big fuss about seasons was all about. I mean, how much can be there be to teach about 4 seasons? The answer – a lot! The 4 seasons encompass SO much information! For Science, there is the reason for the 4 seasons (the rotation of Earth), the changes in animal behavior, and the changes in plants. For Social Studies, there are the different holidays that people celebrate.

Personally, as ranchers, the seasons are critical. Our livestock has different needs in the different seasons. In the spring they need plenty of grazing. We need to be able to harvest enough hay to prepare for the winter season. In the fall, we have to plant oats so that our cattle will have late winter grazing. In the winter months, our cattle will depend on us to feed them hay that we grew in the spring. Summer droughts are common in Texas. A good rainy spring is crucial for our cattle to make it through the hot summer.

 We started our Seasons unit with a presentation that spurred on our class discussion.

We then cut out Season cards and put them in our notebooks.
Our next step is to make season foldables for each season. Inside of each, we will list what each season means for Plants, Animals, People, and Holidays.
My complete unit has all of these activities plus many other activities on the Seasons!




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