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100th Day of School

The 100th day of school is almost here! By the time that most kiddos are 2nd graders, they seem to have already done all of the fun 100th day of school activities. Yes – they have made funny hats, they have brought 100 things from home, they’ve made the 100 necklace – in other words, they know the usual drill. To change things up for my kiddos, I like to incorporate the 100th day of school into my Social Studies unit for the week. I truly feel that Social Studies is one of the subjects that often gets swept to the side. I think that Social Studies is crucial.  Students need to understand their community and the world around them. That is why I LOVE teaching this unit! I have had so many responses from parents and grandparents over the years after teaching this unit. Parents and grandparents enjoy sharing their memories of growing up with their children.

We talk about how school has changed in the past 100 years. Students love looking at pictures of schools from the past. How have the buildings changed? How have the classrooms changed? How have the students changed?

(Pictures from Life 100 Years Ago Presentation)
We also discuss how our communities have changed. Cities and towns have changed so much! I like to show a past picture of New York City and compare it with a current picture of New York City. Since we live within an hour of Austin, we also look at past and present pictures of Austin (since most of my students have visited there). Why are there more people walking the older picture? Why are there more vehicles in the current picture?

(Pictures from Life 100 Years Ago Presentation)

My students also like to look how farming has changed in the past 100 years (we live in a rural farming community). I like to let them guess what older pieces of equipment were used for. What pieces of equipment have made farming easier? Why can farmers now produce more food? Why do they need to farm more land?

Households have also changed a great deal over the past 100 years. What did telephones look like? What did washing machines look like back then? What kind of chores did kids have back then? The discussion questions are endless!!!

(Pictures from Life 100 Years Ago Presentation)

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