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Great Women in History

Amelia Earhart is one of my favorite women to teach and learn about – I just LOVE this quote!

Teaching about great women in history is important for all of our students, not just girls. All of our students need to understand the great contributions made by women throughout history. The following is a FREEBIE that includes a timeline for Helen Keller as well as a domino activity for other great women in history.

The following 20 women are featured in my Great Women in History No – Prep Unit
o Joan of Arc
o Pocahontas
o Catherine the Great
o Sacagawea
o Harriet Beecher Stowe
o Susan B. Anthony
o Florence Nightingale
o Harriet Tubman
o Clara Barton
o Emily Dickinson
o Annie Oakley
o Marie Curie
o Helen Keller
o Eleanor Roosevelt
o Amelia Earhart
o Mother Teresa
o Rosa Parks
o Anne Frank
o Sandra Day O’ Connor
o Jane Goodall

You can find this unit at:

You can find the accompanying presentation at:

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Fact Cards

FACT CARDS… I love them! Why? They give my students the right amount of information about things that they need to know. That is especially important for kids in lower elementary that can get overwhelmed by too much information. Most of my units in my store and that I use in my classroom include fact cards of some sort. We cut them out and store them in a variety of ways.

Sometimes they go in a pocket in our interactive journals…

 Sometimes we make a poster out of them…

Sometimes they’re made into a booklet…

Sometimes they’re made into a foldable…

President's Day

President’s Day is just around the corner! One of the things that my kiddos absolutely love every year is learning about the white house. They LOVE seeing all the different rooms and learning about its rich history.

This is a sample FREEBIE from my best selling White House Unit. I hope that you’ll enjoy it!

                My presentation actually takes my students on a tour of the white house. It is one of our favorite presentations of the year. They get to see all of the rooms and learn fun white house trivia! Rooms that are included in the presentation are:
• White House Flower Shop
• White House Kitchen
• Library
• China Room
• East Colonnade
• State Dining Room
• Red Room
• Blue Room
• Green Room
• East Room
• Press Briefing Room
• Cabinet Room
• Rose Garden
• Roosevelt Room
• Oval office
• Situation Room
• Family Theater
• Kennedy Garden
• Kitchen Garden
• Basketball Court
• Bee Hive

          My presentation can be found at:

                My complete No-Prep unit that accompanies the presentation can be found at:

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African American Inventors

During Black History Month, we are learning about African American inventors! Some of the inventors that we are learning about are:
o Patricia Bath
o Benjamin Banneker
o Sarah Boone
o Marie Brown
o George Washington Carver
o George Crum
o Mark Dean
o Charles Drew
o Philip Emeagwali
o Sarah E.Goode
o Lonnie G. Johnson
o Frederick McKinley Jones
o Lewis Howard Latimer
o Garrett Morgan
o Madam C.J. Walker

The following is a FREEBIE from my complete unit!

My complete unit can be found at:
The presentation can be found at:

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Ruby Bridges and Black History Month

All during the month of February, we will be learning about African American heroes in celebration of Black History month. Ruby Bridges is absolutely one of my favorite heroes to teach my students about. Mostly, because she was their age when she showed courage and became a hero herself! It’s hard for most of my students to understand what our world was like before the civil rights movement, but her story gives them a glimpse of how things have changed. 

Enjoy this Ruby Bridges FREEBIE that is a sample of my complete African American Heroes – No Prep Unit!

My complete unit covers the following heroes:
o Crispus Attucks
o B.K. Bruce
o Dr. Guion Bluford
o George Washington Carver
o Shirley Chisholm
o Frederick Douglas
o Dr. Charles R. Drew
o W.E.B. Dubois
o Sarah B. Goode
o Mae C. Jemison
o Barbara Jordan
o Martin Luther King, Jr.
o Thurgood Marshall
o Jesse Owens
o Rosa Parks
o Jackie Robinson
o Dred Scott
o Sojourner Truth
o Harriet Tubman
o Madame C.J. Walker