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President's Day

President’s Day is just around the corner! One of the things that my kiddos absolutely love every year is learning about the white house. They LOVE seeing all the different rooms and learning about its rich history.

This is a sample FREEBIE from my best selling White House Unit. I hope that you’ll enjoy it!

                My presentation actually takes my students on a tour of the white house. It is one of our favorite presentations of the year. They get to see all of the rooms and learn fun white house trivia! Rooms that are included in the presentation are:
• White House Flower Shop
• White House Kitchen
• Library
• China Room
• East Colonnade
• State Dining Room
• Red Room
• Blue Room
• Green Room
• East Room
• Press Briefing Room
• Cabinet Room
• Rose Garden
• Roosevelt Room
• Oval office
• Situation Room
• Family Theater
• Kennedy Garden
• Kitchen Garden
• Basketball Court
• Bee Hive

          My presentation can be found at:

                My complete No-Prep unit that accompanies the presentation can be found at:

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