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Magnet Experiment FREEBIE

My kids absolutely LOVE this simple magnet experiment. I use it as a fun way to conclude my unit on force and magnets. You can find the recording sheet and instructions for the experiment here:

You will probably already have all the supplies that you need in your classroom.

Materials Needed:

·One pencil per group

·String or yarn

·Small magnets (Circle, ball, bar)

·Large and small paper clips (colored ones are more fun)

·One paper lunch bag per group

Teacher Prep

1.Construct “fishing poles” by attaching a magnet tied to a string to a pencil. The pencil serves as the pole. The string or yarn is the fishing line. The magnet is the hook.
2.Put an assortment of large and small paper clips into each paper bag (at least 20 large and 20 small in each).

Instructions for students

1.Without looking in the bag, drop the fishing line. Carefully pull up the line to see what you “Caught.”
2.Record your results and put your “Fish” back into the bag.
3.Pass the bag to the next person.
4.Continue until your charts are full. Compare results with your group members to see who is the better “Fisherman.”

Kids finish early? Copy the recording sheet double-sided and let them "fish" again!