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Diving in...

OK – This is my very first blog post. Ever. I am extremely excited to FINALLY be starting my blog. This is something that I have been planning to do for a long time. I feel like there is so much that I want to share about teaching! So, here goes – I’m diving in!

                Let me start with telling you a funny story about “diving in.” My husband and I were sooo in love that we decided to get married before I finished college. Graduation could wait, we apparently could not.  I mean, I had just landed a firefighter/rancher. Who wouldn’t be in a hurry to put a ring on it?!?! Anyways, after we were married I was taking night classes to finish up my last year of college. My husband was at work when I left for my night class. When I returned several hours later, the house was FLOODED! Yep, the potty had overflowed and ruined most of the flooring in the “new to us” house. After ripping out all of the carpet, I declared that instead of getting new carpet that it would be great to use the insurance money to tile all of the floors. We could afford it - if we did it ourselves.

                My husband thought that this was a great idea. However, he had never tiled before so it would be a project that I would do on my own. It wasn’t until I had bought a truckload of tile and materials that he stopped to ask if I actually knew what I was doing. My answer – no, but I’ve seen it done on TV several times. Bless his heart, he actually said OK.

                Wanting to impress my new husband, I set to work tiling every third day (the days that my husband was working a 24 hour shift). It took me over a month to complete the project. I have to say that I was really proud of how it turned out.

                Cute story, but what’s the lesson is all of this? Sometimes you just have to dive in. That’s what I’m doing with this blog – diving in. 

To celebrate my new blog, I’m posting a FREEBIE from one of my best selling units.


  1. Welcome to the world of blogging! You'll enjoy it.

  2. What a great first post! Awesome story. I'll be following for sure!

  3. Loved your story!

    Welcome to the blogging world!

    Best wishes, Jenny

    Miss Jenny's Classroom