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Weather Foldables for Interactive Notebooks and Lapbooks

Interactive notebooks are an awesome way to introduce or reinforce information. These Weather foldables serve as a source of information for the students. When printed regular size, the foldables fit perfectly into notebooks.


                However, there are some times when I would rather have a lapbook for my students. Lapbooks can serve as a quick and easy reference when studying a topic. I really like them for units of study that make take more than a week to cover. We simply add a little to them each day. For instance...WEATHER!

 I have found that I can accomplish this by simply adjusting the way that I print them. It’s really easier than you think.

Step 1
Select the pages that you want to print.

Step 2
Decide how many to print per page. You may want to experiment with this to see what size works best for you.  I have found that 2 or 4 per page works really well. Any more than 4 is really just too small.

All of these weather foldables (and more) are available in my Weather Foldables for Interactive Notebooks and Journals!

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