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Inventions that Changed the World

This week in Social Studies and Science, we are learning about inventions that changed the world! These are inventions that have made our lives so much easier. The inventions that we are studying include:
  • Wheel
  •   Plow
  •   Printing press
  • Refrigeration
  •  Telegraph
  • Steam engine
  • Automobile
  •  Light bulb

We started our unit by cutting out our “Invention Trifolds.” These were glued down into our interactive notebooks for reference during the week. 

The trifolds are a great way to start our conversations about the inventions because they cover what life was like BEFORE and AFTER the invention. Change is such a large component of Social Studies – these trifolds are a great way to show how the world and life changed as a result of their invention.

We will be continuing this unit throughout the week. The link for this complete unit can be found below!

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