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Interview With the Teacher's Kid

            Since it is Spring Break for us, I decided to change things up a bit. I decided that I would interview my middle son, Riley, to get his perspective on having his mom for his teacher. I am currently teaching him this year. My district is small – I am the only second grade teacher. I taught my oldest son two years ago and have Riley in my class this year. Here is how the interview went down…

Me: OK, let’s start with an easy question. What’s your favorite color?
Riley: Blue
Me: What’s your favorite thing to do?
Riley: Ride go-carts – have you seen how dirty the little one is right now?!

Me: Yes, it’s lovely. What’s your favorite subject?
Riley: Like in school?
Me: Yes
Riley: Recess, duh
Me: What’s been your favorite thing we’ve done so far in school this year?
Riley: Can I pick two things?
Me: Sure
Riley: Well, I really liked learning about the moon because we did that Oreo experiment (we made the phases of the moon with Oreos). But I really like what we’re learning about right now – you know the weather stuff. I really like learning about hurricanes.
Me: What’s the best thing about having your mom for a teacher?
Riley: (long pause, contemplative look) Getting hugs during the day (cheesy smile)
Me: What’s the worst thing about having your mom for a teacher?
Riley: (answers immediately) Your dirty looks

The link for Riley’s favorite Weather Unit is below. We’ll be finishing it after Spring Break. Happy Spring Break! - Kara

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