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Teaching About the Presidential Election

I love election years! There is almost too much stuff for me to cover in my allotted time for Social Studies. I try to carry over some of the election material into our Language Arts and Reading block. How do we start our unit on the election? I usually try to make sure that I teach our unit on leaders before I start our election unit. Teaching about leaders is the perfect lead into the election unit. I have an Election 2016 Presentation that I use with the class. This presentation is a great review of when the elections are held and who is currently in the office.

We then move on to talk about the different major two parties and the two party nominees. It is extremely important to check your feelings about the candidates at the door. Your students should have no clue about your presidential preference. I always stress that the right to vote is confidential, while at the same time encouraging my students to talk about the election and the candidates at home. I only teach my students the facts ABOUT the candidates, never about the candidates’ stances on issues. Those are conversations that should be left at home. My job in the classroom is to give basic factual information (biographical) and to inform my students on the election process.

We also talk about the electoral college. This concept is sometimes a little tricky for grownups too. It makes for a great math lesson though!

The Election 2016 Unit has tons of activities that keep my students engaged while learning about the election process. My students love taking home their lapbooks full of information to share with parents!

Or, you can find both the unit and presentation together in a BUNDLE!

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