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What is a Scientist?

One of our first lessons in Science is about scientists. It comes after our lessons over Science Tools and Lab Safety. ALL of us are scientists! When students are exploring the world around them – they are scientists! In primary grades, we explore the basics of what being a scientist means. We explore the different ways that they use their body to explore the world around them. One of their favorite projects is drawing themselves as scientists.  I always draw an example of myself as an example…

Safety goggles are a MUST! Remember to dress as a scientist would dress. I also have them label their scientists to show me how they can use their bodies to explore in Science. These are always some of the first pictures that we display in the hallway for the school year.

I was especially excited to start this unit this year because I revised my entire “What is a Scientist Unit.” It is much more teacher and student friendly! You can find it in the link below.

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