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Postcards to Your Students - Setting the Tone for a Great Year

Kids LOVE getting mail! There really isn’t a better way to set the tone for the school year than to send postcards before school starts. It is a great way to open up the line of communication with the students and parents. I don’t know how many students over the years have told me that the postcard that I send them before school starts is the first piece of mail that they’ve ever received. Postcards are relatively inexpensive. You can usually find them at teacher stores in packs of 30. I will be sending my bunch out this week (one week before school starts). I generally just say something like:

“I hope that you’ve had a fun summer. I’m excited to be your teacher this year. I look forward to seeing you on the first day of school!”

You will be surprised with the amount of students that will bring the postcards to school to show you that they received them. I even get Thank You notes from students for sending them!

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