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TPT Challenge Week 1

I am super excited to be a part of the TPT Seller Challenge! This is just the push that I need to make my summer productive! Throughout the year I kept a list of different units that I felt like needed some revision. While teaching my units, I would jot down notes about different things that I felt could be changed. Often it was that I needed better instructions or graphics. Sometimes I found that I needed to add more to the unit to cover all of the material.

The first unit on my list was my “What is a Scientist?” unit. It was one of my first units that I placed on TPT. It is definitely time for a makeover. This is how it looked prior to the makeover:

 …and AFTER the makeover!

The NEW and IMPROVED "What is a Scientist?" unit can be found below!


  1. AWESOME!!!! I am so excited to start our re-vamp! I love your products facelift:)

  2. Sweet product. I love how you listed what you felt needed to be changed and what you did change on your product. Awesome job!

  3. Love the red background - makes the clip art pop!

    Krazy Town

  4. You really made that a complete product! Awesome work!