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Beating the Teacher Blues

There’s a point in every school year that it happens. It’s inevitable – the teacher blues. For me, it happens every spring when there’s a long a stretch of school without any break. (Why doesn’t spring have more major holidays?) You know how it feels when it starts. The alarm seems to go off right after you’ve gone to bed. You drag yourself to school and seem to be irritated by almost everything that happens in your class. You don’t even want to think about tackling your long afternoons…How can you snap out of it?

1.     First of all, BREATHE. It’s going to be OK. It has happened before and it’s short lived. You can beat these blues. It’s not time to start looking at the help wanted ads. Remember, this is the job that you dreamed of having. It WILL turn around.
2.     What part of the day is your least favorite part? Is there some way that you can teach that subject in a different way? Sometimes we get in a rut of teaching the same unit the same way each year. Have you searched Teachers Pay Teachers for lessons on that subject? There are TONS of great lessons out there that are made (and have already been tested) by your fellow teachers!
3.     Can you take your lesson outside? Spelling is one of my least favorite things to teach. However, I love being able to let the kids practice their words outside when the weather is nice. Being outdoors lifts all of our spirits!  

4.     Go ahead and teach one of your favorite units! Is one of your best units (you know, the one that your former students still talk to you about) still a month away? Can you rearrange your scope and sequence so that you can teach it now? Go ahead – do the Oreo moon experiment this week. Really, it’s OK.
5.     Is there a conference that you can attend right now? Sometimes a good workshop can be just the shot in the arm that you need to re-energize and get you motivated.

Finally, don’t panic. Whether you’re a new teacher or a fifty year veteran, we all get the teacher blues. You WILL snap out of it and it will be OK!